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Kimchi, traditional Korean side dish, is one of the healthiest food in the world!Kimchi is fermented food made of various vegetables and contains a high concentration of dietary fiber, while being low in calories! (1).png

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - Wong Y*** H****

    Testimonial - Wong Y*** H****

    The kimchi is fresh and tasty for my family and had recommended to my friends too. Kimchi Ajumma will check and always try to bring the most authentic Korean food to us. I am a repeat customer and always buy kimchi from Kimchi Ajumma. I will continue buy Kimchi Ajumma's kimchi.

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - C***** Lau

    Testimonial - C***** Lau

    The best kimchi I ever tasted in Kuala Lumpur. Affordable, quality assured and great service. Customer service is always friendly and prompt in reply. Love their radish kimchi too!

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - A**** Koon

    Testimonial - A**** Koon

    就算在韓式餐廳,也不一定吃到像Kimchi Ajumma這麼正宗、入味、爽口、美味的泡菜。拌飯醬,年糕醬等也是好吃得不得了。我們一家現在都是Kimchi Ajumma的忠實粉絲了。

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - P** S** Wong

    Testimonial - P** S** Wong

    I don't cook myself, but i LOVE Kimchi Ajumma's kimchi because it is so fresh that i can just eat it on its own. It goes well with my Korean spicy ramen and as a healthy snack. Highly recommended! 😋

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - S***** Leong

    Testimonial - S***** Leong

    强力推荐的泡菜,马来西亚难得找到如此正宗的泡菜,怎样煮怎样好吃,老板娘人也超好的~良心卖家~五星好评!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 附上一张豪华版部队锅!好吃的泡菜多多躲在真拉面下面🥰

  • Kimchi Ajumma - Testimonial - A*** Boo

    Testimonial - A*** Boo

    This is the best kimchi Ive tasted so far. Fresh, crunchy, and spicy enough!! Most important it's really affordable! And Kimchi Ajumma is very friendly. I will come back for second round kimchi soon! 👍😊❤

Kimchi Ajumma | Enjoy Korean food at home!

Enjoy Korean food at home!

Now you can cook Korean food at home with Kimchi Ajumma!

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